Simon Mawdsley

simon-maudsley-edit-smallsquare_julyfinallongsightmarket_web longsightmarket_web lacestall_web 00001-1256-simon1-col-1-of-1SONY DSCIt could be argued that i write as i feel when i paint – i don’t paint what i see i paint what i feel but that process isn’t easy to define.

My work is spontaneous and immediate. I am inspired by the New York School of abstract expressionists, artists such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

The colours i use are bold and striking and in most cases undiluted. People often ask why squares and circles are prominent in my work. It could be described as an almost obsessive use of these two shapes. The use of shapes, predominantly squares and circles, may indicate a  feeling of being emotionally locked in or possibly feelings of oppressive thoughts.. i cannot really explain where my ideas come from, but i do know that using my techniques and through choice of colours i have a sense of wellbeing and emotional security being confident and a sense of personal satisfaction, freedom and an emotional release. ironically my paintings may symbolise feeling trapped but it in a sense un locks my creativity and gives me a sense of freedom.

i also use a variety of media – photography, mind maps, graffiti as well as paintings.


Square 1 Bubbles 2016 Blue and Red