Tonbridge Rd Allotment Show S.Mawdsley

ALISON_WEBA quick report on the latest event at the shed gallery from S.Mawdsley.

vegetables_webLast Saturday saw the Allotments in Tonbridge rd open its doors, great turnout of local people and pool arts members. What a great day had by all the weather was kind to us. Along with wood fired pizza we had live acoustic music from bird to beast. Part of the event was a guided tour of the other allotments. everybody had a great time. The first photo includes pool artist Alison Kershaw and the pool arts shed housing members art work. The second picture is an image of gardeners home ground prize vegetables.

Dreaming Of New York featuring Penny Arcade

Exhibition Text by Alison Kershaw
When Eddie Price AKA Opitz was making his New York (The Big Apple) Trade Centre Umbra Fenestra (window shadows) drawings based on reflections on the surface of the windows in the World Trade Centre in 1992, he could never have forseen what would be the fate of those tragic panes of glass. Eleven years later, Chris Chapman was also on a student trip to the city and she witnessed the anti-war demonstrations in Times Square; New Yorkers’ opposing to the imminent invasion of Iraq – the ultimate response to 9/11. 

But like Eddie, it was the detail that caught Chris’s eye. Beautiful horses, symbols of untamed freedom; iconic creatures of America and the Wild West: here used as a method of control by the police in the city square that day. In her delicate piece How The Myth Was Won, she traces the mythical spirit horse through coralled horses – a repression of the spirit.


Alison Kershaw’s The Lost America Of Love (after Alan Ginsberg) and
Akinmyemi Oludele’s Statue of Liberty echo a similar idea; an America that exists in the mind, in art – but is tarnished or corrupted – Ginsberg describes the tawdry, dark and self destructive seams of urban USA in his poetry, but in A Supermarket in California, he laments the America that Walt Whitman believed in, full of hope, optimism, possibilities, beauty and solidarity.


In James Bloomfield’s piece I Hear America Singing, Whitman is evoked once again and the contrast and connection between the ceramic pistols baked using a fire pit, a potent relic made useless through the most basic of traditional materials, and the shiny red Nike sneakers box speaks of a wastefulness of objects destined for the landfill.
In her video True Stories, Penny Arcade performs some the complexities and politics of advancing capitalist western democracy, through the lives of the individuals who survive its harsher effects and whose voices add to the richness of the culture in a film of her performance True Stories NYC
Penny Arcade was invited to inspire Pool Arts whilst they were individually researching the theme of New York. Artist Nicola Smith has been a long time fan of Penny , and created a video performance: There’s Only One Penny Arcade which she sent to Penny herself. In response, Penny agreed to visit us here in Manchester to meet the artists and exhibit alongside them.

Pool Arts is excited and honoured to host one of the world’s pioneering performance artists – who has spent over 40 years honing her skills and expressing a powerful political stance, positively promoting queer identities and offering a fierce defence of civil rights.


Penny Arcade was one of the original Factory Superstars in Andy Warhol’s pop art empire. Pool Arts are keen to hear what it was like to be part of that powerful art scene, when New York was the go-to city for artists, musicians, performers and political movements. Simon Mawdsley’s work highlights the involvement of the CIA in the promotion of American contemporary painting in the 1950s as a weapon in the cold war, spreading liberal values of “Freedom” in Europe and Russia. His enlarged portraits of the agents – also significant board members of MOMA – peer out from the upper windows of Horsfall Space with knowing gazes.

Meanwhile in the mini-reproduction of his installation The Long Leash, Simon’s map of Manhattan shows the locations where the artists developed their abstract expressionist practices, part of a counter culture that rejected traditional technique and figurative representation and turned their focus inwards, no doubt oblivious to the manipulation of their work on the world stage.

Another map is employed by R.M who invites us to take up the Situationist activity of a Derive through Manchester’s streets, using a map of New York as a guide…turn right, turn left, straight on – see where you end up! We’d love you to tweet us the results @poolartists Or Why not place yourself in New York for a selfie? Dave Speers invites you to Get Inside Central Park using a trick with a mirror….and don’t forget you can get a tour of the exhibition with Traë England-Shortt in her performance Conversations with A Hot Dog

America, the land of iconic artists, towering twentieth-century-people-products. l. Baron creates surreal brightly-coloured pictures of imagined characters whose features melt into graphic shapes floating in space. Surrealists of the 1930 and 40s influenced the culture in New York where they fled to from Europe. Marcel Duchamp, gave up art to play chess whilst influencing John Cage, Merce Cunningham and countless others. Baron has created an homage to his hero: Elvis Presley in New York floats against a kind of chess board and floating squares. Jade Richards and Annette Ebanks have created expressive drawings, prints and paintings based on the architecture and culture of the city.


Dee Cee acknowledges the 1930s New Deal programme in America that sought to put the unemployed to work – it has inspired many a government programme both in the States and here in UK. Her wall hung memorial piece based the image of a Rorschach Test and cast in jesmonite, is titled Callum’s List: The list where welfare reform is alleged to have some culpability… See that refers to people in the UK in the 21st century


In Birdland, Manchester born RuQia (Artiste) has chosen to give us a selection of infamous Jazz singers who she resonates with as a vocalist. Their repertoires portray aspects of their personal soul journeys, a medley of moods representing the jazz and blues of oppression, pain, passion, glory and glamour. As a singer herself, Ruqia has placed her own image (with typical Mancunian cheek!) alongside those of just a few of her heroines – she identifies not only with their music , but also the way in which they presented the public image of themselves in studio shots, and how their raw emotions can not help but spill out in the more spontaneous photographs from their performances.




About Pool Arts:

Being a small self-run, charitable organisation, that includes artists who may be excluded and marginalised through mental health needs, Pool Arts asks why they should not have the best artistic experiences? Why not visit New York – even in our dreams? Why not have a decent studio? Why not exhibit in good venues? Why not have support to continue our practice? This is the raison d’être of Pool Arts.


“Pool Arts is a work of art in it’s own right. Constantly adapting and shifting with it’s changing membership” says artist Alison Kershaw, who has worked with Pool Arts for over 12 years. “Together, we are creating new platforms for artists, asking who can be an artist, what is collaboration and what is art for?”

With notions about the potential of art practice influenced in part from the legacies of conceptual and relational art, and with a nod to activism and community practices, we are looking at art as an environment; art as a social organism; art as an organisation. Together, we question the nature of co-production and co-curating between artists contributing to the world of art by offering models of art that work both inside and outside contemporary, critical art readings.


Dinner with Penny Arcade at HOME

Pool Arts hosted Penny Arcade, Andy Warhol’s original Factory Superstar and a collaborator with the father of performance art Jack Smith, last weekend in a series of unique events in Manchester.

Penny Arcade attended an Afternoon Tea Party in the yard at Horsfall Space at 42nd Street where she met with Pool Arts members and friends. Her video work True Stories NYC was shown in the exhibition Dreaming Of New York at the same venue. Later there was a special Dinner with Penny Arcade at Manchester’s coolest new venue HOME, followed by performances by local artists and Penny Arcade in Person performing.

We also welcomed honoured guest David Hoyle and both he and Penny Arcade are keen to support Pool Arts and their vision of a more inclusive art scene.


Pool Arts crowd funding campaign – can you make a pledge?

2014 Penny Arcade by Jasmine Hirst_868x600

Pool Arts forthcoming exhibition Dreaming Of New York is coming in July

We are bringing a world famous artist and performer Penny Arcade (left) to Manchester. Our artists will be meeting Penny and she will be taking part in the exhibition and doing a performance at a Dinner Party we are hosting at HOME

If you can help us raise the last bit of funding we need to make this venture a real success, please follow this link to our Wefund site.


Thanks – we really appreciate your help. And look forward to seeing you at the exhibition! (see details below)

Dreaming Of New York

exhibition poster

Dreaming of New York

Pool Arts featuring Penny Arcade

The CIA and Abstract Expressionism? A Situationist-style Derive of Ancoats? surreal Elvis? Queer Culture?

Visit Horsfall Space at 42nd street during Manchester International Festival and see Pool Arts art exhibition on the links between Art / Manchester and New York City.

Join us for special events, meet the fabulous Penny Arcade and enjoy an Independence Day Barbecue and  our famous bagels!


Horsfall Space at 42nd Street Based on Great Ancoats Street, Horsfall is under renovation in this innovative historic quarter

A creative hub for 42nd Street, a charity supporting young people under stress. Opening in April 2016 and housing our creative programme.

Manchester | UK

New York became the centre of the art world following the second world war – but  what does the idea of America mean to us now, in a shifting geopolitical landscape?

This exhibition conceived by Pool Arts, Manchester’s other arts organisation, sees each artist exploring and researching their responses to the idea of New York City.

Work includes drawing, painting, installation, performance, sculpture and a Situationist map-guided “derive” of Ancoats.

We proudly present the work of performance artist Penny Arcade direct from NYC via Edinburgh. Penny famously collaborated with Andy Warhol. She will be showing her video New York Voices and making a live appearance at the closing afternoon party for the exhibition on Sunday 19th July. She will be meeting Pool Arts members and guests in Manchester at a special dinner at HOME, Manchester’s newest Internationally Art Centre


We are part of MANIFEST

Introduction to digital photography with Pool Arts

11156357_10153305700690229_1281914511972537840_nWe are hosting one day digital photography workshops in February, April and May 2015
During the workshops you will be introduced to the basics of using your digital camera / phone, saving files to the computer and a little about photoshop. This is aimed at those who really have very little experience of using digital media.
There are limited places available for non-Pool Arts members
Cost £15/day
dates to be announced, but please express your interest via an email

Art mentoring for artists in Manchester

Are you an artist in the Manchester area that has experienced mental health needs? If so you may be eligible to take part in a limited number of mentoring sessions with Pool Arts. Our experienced mentor, James Bloomfield offers one to one sessions where you can show your portfolio, discuss how to progress with your practice and explore opportunities that may be available to you. You will also find out more about Pool Arts and the benefits of becoming a member. We are offering up to two mentor sessions per person for a small fee on a first come first served basis. Just e.mail us a short paragraph about yourself and why you would like mentoring and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Sessions take place in our central Manchester studio facility from February 2015
Cost £10 (for up to two sessions)

Broken Grey Wires

We are proud to have been invited to get involved with Broken Grey Wires, a new and interesting project from artist Lizz Brady which highlight the links between contemporary visual art and mental health issues.

“Support has come from across the contemporary art scene, including the Turner Prize nominee, David Shrigley, alongside internationally acclaimed cutting-edge artists, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Magda Archer, Ryan Trecartin, Stuart Semple and The Vacuum Cleaner who will be exhibiting in the physical exhibitions as well as in the online repository of work dedicated to mental health in contemporary art.
Organisational support for the project has also been overwhelming and has come from all sectors of society, including the mental health charity Manchester Mind, Time to Change, Everton in the Community, The Pipe Factory in Glasgow and the Early Intervention Psychosis Service in Manchester, as well as numerous galleries across the UK.

Broken Grey Wires welcomes you to explore mental health in contemporary art and invites you to look around, create and enjoy our bright, new world.”

The project has its own website which you can visit here:
Broken Grey Wires

Artist and Curators Talks last chance to see!

During Furiously Mad exhibition, Pool Artists have been giving talks about their work at People’s History Museum. The final one will be this Thursday 19th June at 2pm. Just turn up or book via the Museum Website.

AGM Thursday 3 July 2014

Our AGM will be held at 4pm on Thursday 3rd July at Federation House Studios (5th Floor) All Welcome – please contact us if you wish to attend.

The business of the day will be to present the Annual Report / Accounts and election of Trustees.