Paul Richards

I would describe my work as multi-layered, spontaneous, and dramatic and I work quickly and expressively. The mediums I work in within my art are varied and I would describe myself as a multimedia artist. I use various types of paints, pencils, pen, pastels, collage, photography, sculpture, textiles, as well as found objects and installations within my work and like using a variety of materials to convey different ideas and for different types of mark-making and expression. 

I read a lot to gain ideas and inspiration and I also use writing and sound collage to explore my ideas. My writing is philosophical, slightly autobiographical in parts, and draws on my thoughts about life, people, experiences, and the world in general. 

Much of my work is based around nature which is a huge inspiration to me. I am also interested in exploring spiritual beliefs such as Shinto, Zen, Shamanism, and Buddhism. 

My current work is based on the project I have been working on with Pool Arts, which centres on mankind’s relationship with nature and the nature of humans. I am finding this project very interesting and inspiring and quite multi-faceted and it is allowing me to explore wider themes such as current events and environmentalism, contrasting the simplicity, tranquility, and peacefulness of elements of the natural world with the madness and destructiveness of the human world.