Nick Telfer

I have over the last few years been drawn towards Concrete Poetry, its tactile immediacy and its interdisciplinary nature. In my late teens, I had made a number of pieces writing my own or other poets’ verse across my own drawings or the reproduced work of other artists. These no longer exist but they came back into my mind when I visited the Turner, Monet, Twombly exhibition in Liverpool in 2012. From there I began to work on both my lyric poems and think how I might turn them into different forms. I have been lucky to have been able to join Pool Arts recently to begin to explore these ideas on larger scale pieces. I was keen to begin to use paint or ink directly onto paper as previous concrete workpieces were graphic designed poems (see below). Click on the links for the following pieces For the love of God 2 / 179 too many / In the woods / We must remain in Europe to preserve workers’ rights