Akinyemi Oludele 

Akinyemi is a familiar figure on Manchester’s arts and music scene, capturing the event in his own inimitable style. He is also a prolific sharer or work on social media based; delivering political satire just as succinctly as capturing the atmosphere of a jazz concert. This process has contributed to a prolific body of work using a variety of mediums.

Alan S

Alan S intuitively combines collections of discarded, found materials – which he puts together with paint and words; conveying his own experiences and memories. From intricate dot-work pieces and collages to large scale installations, his work covers serious topics but always conveys a sense of humour and fun.

Anastasia Hesketh

Anastasia’s work is mainly mixed media. Combining collage; images, painting, printed text and calligraphy. Her work is revealing, reflective and representative of her inner life and often focuses on the healing of self and response to bipolar mood cycles.

Annette Ebanks

Annette’s work is often focused on organic shapes and forms of nature. She uses different methods of mark-making, often pen, pencil and charcoal to explore form and pattern. As well as making her own work, Annette teaches others to explore their creativity. 

Dave Speers

Dave joined Pool Arts in the early days, and most of his work is with digital photographs and video, including documenting Pool Arts events and activities and helping with the running of the organisation.

Eddie Price aka OPITZ Price

Eddie Price works in all kinds of graphic media to create textured, detailed, and striking drawings.

I. Baron

I. Baron is a visual artist working in pen and ink and Acrylic paint. His striking and highly original compositions contain surreal characters and forms from his imagination.

Lee Hadfield (1964-2022)

Working in the north of England for over 30 years, Hadfield created impasto surfaces using a palette knife and washing technique, scribing the contours with a fine palette knife, creating movement and texture and masking off areas to reveal the contrasting smooth lines.

Nathan Aiyna Sassen

Visit Nathan’s Instagram blog to learn more about his versatile talent

Nick Telfer

Nick is an artist and a writer whose work often takes the form of the exploration of words; inspired by Concrete poetry, his writings are used as a starting point for striking visual pieces.

Pam Ward

Pam’s work is bright and bold and often semi-abstract, using many different mediums including candle-making, mosaic tiling, drawing with pastels and painting with acrylics.

Paul Richards

Paul’s work is gestural and expressive. The often large scale paintings combine mixed media, collage, paint, pastels, collage and his installation work often comprises painting, textiles and objects collected from nature. He uses many different mediums to explore his ideas about nature, spirituality and philosophy.

Roger Howard

Roger works in many different mediums, paint, pen, pastel, sculpture and moving image; to produce detailed observations of the world around him. He often explores politics and injustice within his works and studies details of human life and the marks they leave behind.


RUQIA is a multi-talented, versatile lead professional singer and performance artist with experience in acting, voiceover, presenting, and modelling.

Simon Mawdsley

Simon’s paintings are spontaneous and immediate, some expressive in style and others purely abstract. His most recent work is highly controlled, with intuitive use of colour and form to create crisp, geometric images.


Trae makes a living from Art Workshops and has worked with everyone from young children to OAPs as well as making her own pieces, including performance and work in other mediums.