Anastasia Hesketh

I have always made art since childhood and a common thread throughout my work has been exploring my inner self. The main medium that I’ve used for most of my life has been mixed media. Combining collage; images, painting, printed text and calligraphy. My work is revealing, reflective and representative of my inner life and often focuses on the healing of self and response to bipolar mood cycles.

As I’ve developed my mainly abstract style, I’ve used that as a way to explore my emotions and ideas around dis-ease and wellness. This self-healing – using art to keep me well – led to broader use of primary colours and I’ve recently been exploring printmaking and texture using textiles and wet felt making, incorporating more vibrant colour to reflect my stable and positive mood during that period. 

Through making artwork I am able to connect to both the inner and outer world and I hope to reach and connect with others who may see my work. Opening myself and sharing is a way for me to connect with others with similar experiences, in the hope that people might not feel so alone.

The first artist who inspired me is American mixed-media artist Kelly Rae Roberts and I’ve also recently become obsessed with Frida Kahlo. I’m inspired by the colour and quirkiness of her work, her individuality, and as much of her art was created whilst dealing with physical challenges, I can connect her story with my own life experiences of using art to overcome a physical challenge. Another artist who I admire is Yayoi Kusama. I love her devotion to daily art-making which I try to emulate in my own life, her way of coping with mental health issues and challenges through art and the colour and routine of making and creating every day.


1. Owning my voice, choosing my life – Mixed media incorporating images and text

2. Feeling Positive – Acrylic paint; The first part of a series – use of vivid colours which represent my current positive outlook

3. Positivity – Printmaking with Acrylics; The second stage of the series

4. Lockdown down Garden – Mixed Media; using a mixed media approach to explore my view of the external world of the lockdown, my view of my garden reflecting positivity, healing and new life

5. How nature affects my mood – Mixed Media; building on the previous two pieces

6. Colours of nature – Acrylic paint pen, alcohol ink pens; Exploring line and colour