Alan S.

Alan S has spent over 10 years living and making work in Manchester and began making his expansive installations, intricate dot paintings, and poetry whilst he was homeless continuing to develop work over the last eight years. 

He intuitively combines collections of discarded, found materials – often discovered around the city in skips, bins, and charity shops on his daily explorations through back streets and alleyways – which he puts together with paint and words; conveying his own experiences and memories. From intricate dot-work pieces to large scale installations based on his personal experience as a Guardsman in the Grenadier Guards and his experiences of homelessness. His work covers serious topics but always conveys a sense of humour and fun. 

In Alan’s words, “The work is ⅓ life experiences, ⅓ army, ⅓ fun of it. I like finding stuff, I don’t have a clue what I will turn it into. I like thinking about topical issues and turning the pieces I find into something new. I was in the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier guards, making the work is my way of remembering the lives lost, doing it a bit differently than the ‘official’ way.”

Initially creating work to ‘switch off’ and relax, he became a member of Pool arts 9 years ago and began exploring the larger scale, installation work whilst being a studio member of Hope Mill. 

“I am Interested in showing how accessible it is to make art and only use affordable materials. I find more joy in finding stuff in a skip than buying it.”