Akinyemi Oludele

As an artist with a lifetime of experience. I have been drawing in rhythm progressing onto automatic art, combining music with visual expressions. This process has contributed to a prolific body of work displaying inventive imagination and styles, using a variety of medium, ink, pastel, watercolour, oil paint, acrylics, collage, digital, pen and pencil.

Documenting drawing people, in urban sceneries, live drawing sessions, live event, theatre, plays, poetry event, protest performance street and public venues capturing an ambience of energy, of colour, movement and time in my artwork. At music, jam nights, open mic, spoken word, jazz concerts and music festivals anything that catches my attention to illustrate them in rhythm as they play.

I apply my mediums like a visual composer moving their sticks to create brush strokes, to where the music travels in synchronicity, capturing the sound and visual of a band onto paper. Abstract art and automatic drawing/painting combined with music supports my flow, as an exercise, it improves my skills of spontaneity, movement and choosing colour. Music helps me capture the moment as I dance through the canvas work.

The fluidity of my styles supports my imagination in designing visual compositions that depict cultural imagery history inspired by dreams, past, speeches, songs etc.

I also illustrate the News in cartoons that are a satirical or inventive interpretation of thought that has happened or that has been heard in the news or what has been expressed on social media.